Mother’s day-A Celebration of You!

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With Mother’s day quickly approaching, we pay tribute to all the amazing women around the globe, because without these women there would be no mothers to celebrate, and without question…no future generations to raise.

For families everywhere, one of the most universally celebrated holidays is Mother’s day. It is the one day out of 365 that mothers around the world are lovingly honored for their role in raising children…in a job that is never ending. As a way of expressing gratitude and making us feel special, celebration rituals typically consist of thoughtful cards, gifts wrapped in pretty paper, flowers bursting with color, being treated to breakfast, lunch or dinner and so much more.

And yet, if the truth be told, mothers should be celebrated every day for the tireless work they accomplish during the year; not only because they are the nurturers and caretakers of the children in this world, they also fill the additional roles of wives, partners, bosses, co-workers, sisters, aunts and yes, even grandmothers.

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Undeniably, mothers have the amazing ability to ‘be all’ for everyone as they balance every aspect of their lives and the lives of others. They are experts at wearing a multitude of ‘hats at one time’ as they multitask through the days, months and years of their existence. They are the cooks, teachers, nurses, cheerleaders, taxi drivers, event planners, counselors, maids, referees, handymen, bankers of this world; all rolled into one! If you really think about it, who else has such a unique role in our society? Who else’s influence is immeasurable? Whose strength, courage and compassion knows no bounds? Who sacrifices so much of herself for the sake of her children and family? Who loves so deeply it’s felt in every fiber of her being?

Of course, no one would argue that mothers deserve the recognition, expressions of gratitude, and honor on their ‘special’ day. And yet, it is equally important that we celebrate not only the role of the mother in our society, but the women themselves who have taken on the role of being a mother and selflessly embrace the journey of motherhood. It is the strong, competent, smart and loving women whose true essence is something to really celebrate…because they truly are so much more than simply somebody’s mother.

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Before they were mothers, these wonderful human beings were women who had dreams, aspirations and goals all their own. Undoubtedly, we all still do. It’s just that raising a child, whether you chose to stay at home or opt for both motherhood and career can cause a woman to put her needs, wants and desires on the back burner for a while- because she is so busy being a mom. Not that we should ever diminish motherhood in anyway.

So, on this Mother’s day we celebrate you! Not just your exceptional mothering skills, but your strength and resiliency, your creativity and confidence, your mind and your soul. Your ability to empower, encourage and inspire others- especially other women. More importantly, we celebrate the love in your heart and your glowing inner beauty that shines through on the tough days, as well as the great ones… and every one in between, 365 days a year!

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