About us

Established in 2013, Little Italy Kids was founded by Jimena Leyria. Long before she became a mom, Jimena envisioned combining her passion for design with her marketing savvy to create a business that would offer mothers an exclusive collection of quality children’s clothing.

Her philosophy is a simple one…that babies should wear only the most comfortable and cozy clothing next to their delicate skin. In offering moms heavenly soft clothing for their precious babies, she purposely selected premium 100% Pima cotton for every piece in her fabulously fun collection.

Jimena now enjoys the best of both worlds- being inspired everyday by her baby girl Sofia while running a successful business that has become her heart and soul.

Pima cotton layette for babies. Italian baby girl clothes. Italian baby girl clothes.

Where it all began

Little Italy Kids is truly a celebration of our roots- infusing old world artistry and craftsmanship with innovative custom designs for today’s marketplace. Jimena’s passion for designing exquisite baby clothing is deeply rooted in her ancestry.

From her great grandmother, Anna Genovese, a renowned Italian designer and seamstress for affluent clients in her hometown to her great grandfather, Constantino, an expert tailor in his own right who outfitted many gentlemen throughout the Italian landscape. 

Jimena attributes her affinity for natural fabrics, artistic mastery and meticulous attention to detail to being born into a loving and talented family from Italy…hence the name, Little Italy Kids.