Pima attributes. Cotton baby gowns. Pima cotton baby pijamas.

Why Pima Cotton?

As one of the purest fabrics on the planet,Pima cotton is known for its’ impressive qualities and ultra-soft properties.

Peru is where the best Pima cotton in the world is grown, thanks to the regions’ ideal growing conditions. Harvesting is done by hand, so the end result is a magnificent yarn that has little imperfections, is utterly smooth and more durable than any other type of cotton.

At Little Italy Kids, we believe babies should wear only the most comfortable and cozy clothing next to their delicate skin. In our commitment to this belief, we manufacture every piece in our collection with this amazingly soft, eco-friendly fabric.

We wanted to offer moms around the world comfortably stylish clothing that is pure enough for babies, hypoallergenic, machine-wash friendly, and extremely durable- so moms could not only feel good about…but trust the fabric that touches their baby’s skin.

                                                Pima cotton is that fabric…

pima baby clothes